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Brief Information

Product Name: WEYOO Panels
Nominal Size: 1220mm*2440mm
Nominal Thickness: 15mm
Maximum carved depth: around 10mm
Principal Ingredient: MDF (medium density fibreboard)
Nominal Finish: White paint finish
Back: Melamine covered on back
Standard Package: Carton box package, pearly foam in between
Storage Horizontal in a dry place
Manufacturer: WEYOO Woodwork Co., Limited
Country of Origin: China


Physical and Mechanical Properties:

Internal bonding strength 0.75Mpa
Static bending stength 36.3Mpa
Bending modulus 3420Mpa
Resistance to screw withdrawal (board surface) 1670N
Resistance to screw withdrawal (board side) 950N
Thickness swelling 11.7%
Moisture content 6.4%
Density 776 Kgs/m^3
Board density deviation +1.5%
Water Absorption 6-8% without exterior coating
2% when exterior coating is applied