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Can I customize (OEM) the packing of the wall panels?

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Yes ! OEM service is also available for WEYOO. It’s no problem for us to make your own brand or company logo printed in the carton box when pack the wall panels. However in that case, we need to charge you additional USD 1 per panel as the customize printing service cost. Please contact and check with our sales before placing the order.

Welcome to WEYOO’s New Website

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Welcome to i3dpanels.com — the new website of WEYOO.

We have done the following renews:

  • We delete the AP series products,  because AP series is mostly sell to domestic market, and we don’t sell to much in the global markets. we  strongly recommend our textured wall panels, sculptured wall panels and decorative grille panels, Our goal is to be the best supplier of 3d wall panels in the world.
  • Instead of many old and low resolution images, we have selected some new and high resolution images for our new website, so you can enjoy them in gallery.
  • In our new website, more and more useful information are available here, like detailed technical data, test report, product certification etc.
  • We are going to increase the frequency of renewing our blog and social media information, to make WEYOO more and more famous.

Hope you will like us!