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the number of specially treated paper flowers, called the wood grille panels.

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Aunt sales skills are telling you panels blockboard, then that blockboard is solid wood, and then call this lattice wood tracery. If you don’t pay attention, it will be covered later. Plywood blockboard is, does not belong to the category of solid wood, although it is made of solid wood, if not the difference between rice flour is called.

2, the number of specially treated paper flowers, called the wood grille panels. Some paper veneer patterned surface almost exactly like real wood grille panels, especially classical brand of Wenzhou, not the flower gexing almost invisible. Sales Aunty real ones you bought, earned money is her at the expense of your friends. Way to identify this flower will see my later article: how to tell if wood grille panels

wood grille panels

wood grille panels

3, wooden lattice is locally known as wood tracery. Some lattice panels are real wood, but the side panels are not, but aunt are referred to as solid wood, but this type of flower should be between plate and wood grille panels, what might be called half-wooden lattice is more appropriate, as the mermaid though not persons.

Plate tracery
Glossary: the lattice surface decoration of the main components of all man-made sheet metal, plywood, particle board, plywood, medium dense

Made of fiberboard.

Plate grille features: both are linked with various metal connector plates and columns. Horizontal even vertical, the lack of change. According to the different lattice surface veneer, into wooden veneer, paper, veneer trisodium hydrogen ammonia, paint surface lattice. Its useful life in 5-10, suitable for young people, is now the most popular flower.
Second, how to choose real wood grille panels
1. Determine whether the lattice made of solid wood

Mainly watch the door and side panel

Tip: scarred, wood grain and the cross section

Scarred: bullish on the scarred side location and find whether there is a corresponding pattern on the other side.

Wood-grain appearance seems to be a pattern, then the corresponding position of the change in the pattern and corresponding patterns in the back door, if well is pure wood

Section: section than the panels darker, and I can see my whole piece made of wood


wood grille panels of knowledge

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wood grille panels of knowledge

Flower basics

First, the classification and characteristics of grate

The characteristics of real wood grille panels: usually for the mortise structure and fixed structures.

Glossary: flower all made from natural wood, and only in small quantities with use of some materials such as plywood called wood tracery. So what exactly is the subject of Plaid? Cabinet doors, side panels, tables Panel, side panels, toe, back, side plates, feet of the bed, which is the subject of plaid. Like some closet floor, Drawer bottom and the like are not part of the main body.

Some real wood grille panels errors: 1 lattice is called veneer wood tracery. This type of flower should belong to the plate tracery. Wooden lattice is defined as natural wood, as long as the checkered patterned by a synthetic process in the body are not considered real wood grille panels.

wood grille panels

wood grille panels